organic beard and hair care

Every single ingredient in the range at D+T is handcrafted by our lead cultivator David Rafter. He only uses the highest grade organic base and essential oils. There are NO chemicals, petroleums, PEG’s, or any other nasties in our gear.
It is all 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan and certified Cruelty Free.

The true love and passion comes from years and years of David searching for something rad for his beard. He often remarks how he would step into a store and think he had found something right, but then be totally disappointed when reading the list of 1000 ingredients.
Not only was he despondent with the enormity of the contents, he would still be scratching his head thinking about who makes the gear and how it is made. For all he knew it could not be ethical and he may be supporting child labour.

So of to work David went. He decided that instead of being disappointed with things, he would just create something for himself that held up to his own ideals. After many pain staking months he finally created a rad range of beard gear that he was totally happy with.
Admittedly, without knowing it, David had actually created a rad business model that he would soon find heaps of boys wanted to be apart of.

“The entire range was actually kick started by a good friend that owned a local organic market place. I was chatting with him, and he said they really wanted something cool for the boys. I bought the range in, and they would constantly sell out.
It was totally rad to see.” David continues
“We then took it to World Vegan Day in Melbourne, and again with in about an hour we had pretty much sold out. From all the feedback, we knew that we had to expand and create a cool hair range. Hence the creation of our Hair Wax, Balm, Light Pomade and Matte Clay.”

It has taken around 4 years to create the entire range of D+T which now includes 3 beard oils, MO Wax, Beard Balm, Hair Wax and Balm, Light Pomade, Matte Clay and 2 Man Shampoo’s.
The entire range is handcrafted and David is adamant of keeping his lofty ideals.

“There have been times during the creation of D+T that I have questioned certain aspects of the business model. No doubt by us using conventional ingredients instead of organic we would save a fortune in costs. We also thought about out sourcing the manufacturing of the range so that we could focus more on sales.
But every time we think about changing the business model, we stop and remind ourselves that this is not why we started D+T. We started D+T to create a range of products for the boys that are totally organic, natural and vegan without using anything nasty. We also wanted all of our customers to be assured that we create the entire range using our own hands. We were so tired of questioning businesses validity. We wanted people to trust us and know for certain what we stand for.”

“Of course if we change our business model slightly we could make more money and save more time. But it just didn’t sit right.
If we can’t respect our selves, how can we expect others to respect us. So we stay the course and trust that everything will work out. And touch wood it has so far.”