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Every product in the D + T range is crafted by our Lead Cultivator David Rafter in small batches right here in Australia.

Every ingredient is 100% ORGANIC + 100% VEGAN + 100% NATURAL. We are totally Cruelty Free and there is absolutely no testing on animals.

Beard Love

Essential to a hearty growth, is maintaince. For your beard to look it’s best, you need to look after your skin. The best is our organic beard oil blends, with an element of beard balm to keep things in shape.

Signature Hair Care

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Hair Love

There are so many nasty chemicals in all types of hair products. Not only do they affect your hair, but they seep into your skin upset your precious system.
D+T not only cares about your hair but your well being. Do yourself a favour and enjoy our range of organic, natural and vegan hair care products.