We have been so blessed to have made some beautiful friends over the years. Our Lead Cultivator David Rafter has been crafting each individual product since 2014. Enjoy some of the cool feedback below.

We Love To Create Love

PERET: The products are great – I don’t use anything else now that I’ve found them.

PRENNA: Can confirm this stuff is amazing. I use the oil, balm, and beard shampoo. It’s so good.

DAVID: Just wanted to write and say how much I dig your products! D+T has become a staple – I definitely dig your commitment to only the best oils mate, us boys aren’t putting any old mass produced crap on our follicles, no ways!

I’ve just put in an order for the trio triple treat beard oil pack too – that’ll keep me going for a while. And have also recommended your goodies to a few friends of the bearded variety…thanks guys!

DEAN: Mate, that is awesome customer service, I really appreciate your efforts. I will be sure to recommend your business to others and will definitely continue to use your products.

MARIE: Thanks for creating these awesome products. Totally love what you’re doing and hope you’ll take it mainstream one day! This is an awesome product! Just wanted to say 😉


Since 2014

MICHAEL: I’ve been using your grooming products for the past week, and the Hair Wax has immediately become my favorite. It’s easy to apply, provides a good hold, but leaves my hair feeling soft. And I love the smell.
As for the Hair Clay, it’s great for when I need a stronger hold. It’s also pretty easy to apply, although it has the gritty feel of fine sand and leaves my hair much stiffer.

KATE: Just wanted to say a massive thanks for posting my order as fast as you did! Arrived next day – was really impressed!

DAVE: Thanks Lead Cultivator, the customer service has been awesome!

BLAIR: Love your products D+T, wouldn’t put anything else in my hair, keep up the good work.

GRANT: I love the product.  Best stuff I’ve used and I’ve tried far too many.

JEMMA: Thank you so much again awesome service 🙂

CAMERON: Thanking you for a seamless and smooth customer experience from ordering to delivery.

ROGER: Cheers Dave, thanks for making rad products!

NATHAN: Just a small email to inform all has arrived well and I really love your product! The smell and the hold is just perfect!!
Also, I really love the size of the package, most beard balm packages are smaller.


Why Choose Us

Blending Since 2014

Over the years we have carefully designed and crafted the most awesome beard and hair products.

Organic, Natural, Vegan

We only use the highest grade ingredients sourced using local business. 100% Vegan, Organic, Natural!

We Deliver

We take care reducing our footprint on our beautiful planet. Using recycled packaging and products.

More Cool-ness

KAYLEIGH: LOVE your philosophy and ethos D+T. By far the best customer service I have even experienced. David has helped me enormously in choosing the right product for my man and made his Birthday wishes come true. Thanks heaps again D+T.

 D+T….Your customer service is amazing, thank you so much for your assistance.

PHIL: Keep up the magnificent work mate. My friend and I are growing our first real beards together and have been looking for (and have finally found) some decent oils and balms to use when we stumbled upon D+T. Your gear is the best, we will only ever use D+T

AFFANDY: 5 Stars for customer service, your a legend Dave thanks heaps!

NIELS: Thank you David for making this awesome vegan beard balm! It’s hard to find vegan beard products on the market, so I’m glad I came across your products. The beard balm smells very good, I get compliments on the smell every time. It’s easy to use and gives my beard a well maintained look. Normally my beard is pretty fluffy, but the beard balm makes it more neat and easy to style.

Even though it’s mostly about the product, the packaging looks really nice as well, it gives you that real handcrafted experience when receiving your order.


I received the package yesterday. Thank you so much for your personal attention. It’s really great to experience your fantastic customer service. Good service is a rare commodity these days and I certainly appreciate it. You do it well.
I’m sure Mike will enjoy the products and we’ll be back for more.
Kind regard


MICK: I NEVER would have thought in a million years I would ever use a beard oil. I have started growing one again for winter, and the itch was driving my crazy. I tried the Peace blend, and this has changed my life!!!

Awesome work D+T!! I brought the gear because I want to support an Aussie giving it a go. To find a range that is organic and vegan is amazing!

KENNEDY: I never use hair product due to all the chemicals. So I was excited to come across yours and can’t wait to try them.

SAGAR: You guys are total legends and I wholeheartedly support what you guys do as a company.
This is my first time trying your products and I am very excited to use them!

P.DAVEY: Cheers again for all your help sorting this out man. That on top of the awesomeness of your oils and balms has straight up guaranteed I’ll only ever use your product. Its encouraging to know there are still some people out there who care about their business enough to look after the people on the other end too. Your a top bloke.