Refund Policy


Due to the nature of the products that we bring you, that is personal care and grooming products. We do not offer returns.

Once the product leaves us (D+T) we are not responsibile for the shipping company delivery method. Please make sure you take all the necessary precautions in letting us know how you would like the parcel left. Specifics will be added to the shipping note.

We are not responsible for climataic conditions. If the weather is hot and the shipping company leaves the parcel outside and the product melts, that is not our responsibilty.
Again, please ensure you have checked all the relevant information before check out.


Again, as we are producing a personal care product, you are completely aware of exactly what you are purchasing so we don’t replace items.¬†


Once the product leaves us (D+T) we are not resonsible for how the shipping company delivers your parcel.
In Australia, we use Australia Post. Since 2014, we have never had any issues with them or the parcel getting to you.


So we take a lot of time and care to deliver the package to you in tip top shape. All of the products are kept in a dry cool place. As we blend in small batches, no product sits on the shelf for any longer than 1 or 2 months.
If you have ordered a glass bottle. We wrap it twice to ensure it’s safety.
We have a box that we place all items into. Once in that box, we layer it with shredded paper to ensure it is safe.
Once secured with it’s lid, we wrap it in brown paper. We then provide ample tape to ensure that the box is not damaged or ripped. Attached at the front of the box is the label that is very clear and everyone handeling the package will know exactly where it is to go.


If you would like to drop us a message please email thank you.