Light POMADE 55g

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Handcrafted by an Aussie Beardman
100% Organic + 100% Vegan + 100% Cruelty Free

Our Premium Organic Light Pomade works nicely through your hair and creates a cool hold, with a high shine. For a greater hold, apply some water to your hair and comb to style.

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Organic light pomadeNo other product is like this on the market today. We use only the highest grade base and essential oils to cultivate your man-hood.
Our Premium Organic Light POMADE will leave your hair with more of a wet finish, rather than a matte finish.
This product will give you that high shine, with a tight finish that you are after. Awesome to get that quiff pumping!

Without going into detail of every product we use here, adding our Premium Organic Blend to your hair will ensure a healthy long lasting hardy growth. Here are just a some of the benefits of the oils we use: Antioxidant rich + High in vitamin A, B and E + Removes impurities and dead skin cells + Rejuvenates hair growth + Heals the skin under the hair.

Sweet Almond Oil + Macadamia Oil + Jojoba Oil + Argan Oil + Shea Nut Butter + Cold Press Coconut Oil + Carnauba Wax + Vegetable Glycerine+ Bergamont+ Rosemary + Frankincense + Cedarwood


Use the back of your thumbnail to gently remove the pomade. You will only need to use a small amount.
With this, rub into your hands, and gently use to sculpt your hair, or use to help dry ends.

Please take care with our cool products. As they are all 100% natural and organic you do have to be careful on how you handle and store them. Here are a few tips to make sure they last.
– Keep out of direct sunlight.
– Store below 30 degrees celsius.
– Keep in a cool dry place (moisture is no good for the products).

At D+T we do not use any chemicals or synthetics, they are totally natural and organic. Due to this, you do have to be careful in looking after the gear. If you take the right steps, they will be awesome.

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  1. Dave

    Yep, awesome light pomade. I am able to work it in nicely and create a cool hold. So rad to have a natural, organic, vegan product that does the job. Awesome work D+T

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