The Exclusive Beard Travel Kit

$ 155.00

Handcrafted by an Aussie Beardman
100% Organic + 100% Vegan + 100% Cruelty Free

Kit Contains – 15g Beard Balm + 15g MO Wax + 15ml Premium Organic Original, Noosa and Peace Beard Oils + Beard Trimming Scissors + Beard Comb

This is a unique product that you will only find through D+T and our amazing stockists. This is the EXCLUSIVE BEARD TRAVEL KIT.

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Not only is this travel kit extremely striking, it is also extremely functional and will last you a very long time!!
The Exclusive Beard Travel Kit is hand-made from marine grade PVC with a felt lining. As they are all individually handcrafted there will be no two exactly the same. Though we can assure that they all have been tried and tested to suit all conditions that the Aussie Boardman throws at it.

The Exclusive Beard Travel Kit offers you best of what D+T offers as your home away from home. Enjoy the Vegan Beard Balm and Hair Wax, as well as the unique trio beard blends including Original, Noosa and Peace Blends. This Exclusive Beard Travel Kit is designed by an Aussie Beard for all conditions. We have used the highest grade materials to ensure a classy finish and functioning look and feel in case you get it wet out and about.

This is to match our ethos with our products and branding. This is our pride and joy creating a product that is not only functional, but durable and looks Awesome!

You can take The Exclusive Beard Travel Kit with you everywhere. No matter what extreme conditions the Aussie Boardman puts it through. This bad boy is designed to hold up to anything.
Check out the video for a little guide how to use the kit. If you are interested in knowing how to use the Beard Oils or Balms, read below.

Pour a little in your hand or if you like you can add it to your beard brush or comb. You will want to start at the bottom of the beard, and work your way up the next to the face.
Really get in behind the hair and message the skin. Then start from the top and work your way back down to the neck.
Use the Beard Balm to help to shape accordingly to your style you are looking to achieve.

Please take care with our cool products. As they are all 100% natural and organic you do have to be careful on how you handle and store them. Here are a few tips to make sure they last.
– Keep out of direct sunlight.
– Store below 30 degrees celsius.
– Keep in a cool dry place (moisture is no good for the products).

At D+T we do not use any chemicals or synthetics, they are totally natural and organic. Due to this, you do have to be careful in looking after the gear. If you take the right steps, they will be awesome.


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