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Rad Pack

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Handcrafted by an Aussie Beardman
100% Organic + 100% Vegan + 100% Cruelty Free

15g HAIR WAX – Ideal to sculpt that mop on top.
15ml NOOSA BEARD OIL – Perfect to shed the dreaded ‘Beard-druff’.
125ml MAN SHAMPOO – Keep things squeaky clean.

* PLEASE NOTE: This Pack is Awesome, and will make you even more AWESOME!

We use the best ingredients on the market, blended to cultivate your manhood.

This is a unique range that we only release on our web site. This is the RAD PACK. You get to experience the amazing Vegan Hair Wax, as well as the unique Noosa Beard Oil and our rippin’ Man Shampoo.
The Premium Organic Beard Oil Blend helps to stop itchiness and dryness under the hair, while the Hair Wax helps to sculpt your mop. Then to finish it all off, after you are done, wash it clean with our Man Shampoo.

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ESSENTIAL ORIGINAL OIL BLEND: Lemon Mrytle + Cedar Wood + Pine Douglas + Ginger + Rosemary + Sandal wood
ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Bergamont+ Rosemary + Frankincense + Cedarwood

BASE OIL BLEND: Sweet Almond Oil + Macadamia Oil + Jojoba Oil + Argan Oil
BASE WAX/BUTTER BLEND: Shea Nut Butter + Cold Press Coconut Oil + Carnauba Wax


Product Description

Organic Beard Care

Kit Contains – 15ml Noosa Beard Oil Blend + 15g Hair Wax+ 125ml Granite Man Shampoo

No other product is like this on the market today. We use only the highest grade base and essential oils to cultivate your man-hood.

Without going into detail of every product we use here, adding our Premium Organic Blend to your beard will ensure a healthy long lasting hardy growth. Here are just a some of the benefits of the oils we use.  antioxidant rich, high in vitamin A, B & E + Removes Impurities and Dead Skin Cells + Rejuvenates hair growth + Heals the skin under the hair. For more information CLICK HERE >>


Depending on the product will depend on how you use it. Though with all the products, it is best to use the back of your thumb to get a small amount out (the size of your thumb nail) and rub it into your hands. Once you have a good texture, start at the front of your hair and work it through to get the desired look you are after.

Hair Wax: Great hold whilst still malleable, this will help keep a bit of control to the top of the mop. 

Man Shampoo: Totally rad product that is organic, natural, vegan and cruelty free…like all the gear at D+T. Will help wash out any of the D+T product after use, and help clean the scalp clean.

Beard Oil: Awesome gear to prevent the dreaded ‘beard-druff’ and stop the itch. As moisture is captured by our hair, it can leave our skin dry. The beard oil helps to bring the moisture back, this in turn prevents dry skin and itchiness.

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  1. Dan

    RAD PACK…indeed! Loved it all D+T. Thanks heaps for putting something like this together. I have just started growing my beard, so totally needed all this gear. Thanks agains guys, totally RAD!!!!

  2. Cool Dude

    YES, YES, YES! great pack, thanks D+T!!!!

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