organic beard and hair care

At D+T we are passionate about providing the best and highest quality gear for the boys. We have spent endless time in researching the best possible ingredients to ensure not only your hair is looked after, but your skin and total well-being.

On average, we (men, not women) apply 85 different chemicals to our skin every single day with conventional products.  Every day!  That’s more chemicals than our ancestors were exposed to in an entire year just 100 years ago.

Many ingredients found in conventional products are also used to clean industrial equipment, stabilise pesticides and grease gears.  I don’t want that going on my beard!

The D+T range is free from these nasties.  It’s 100% organic, natural and cruelty-free.  It doesn’t get better than that.


What makes D + T Organic Beard Care so awesome is the handcrafted blends of organic essential oils.  Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Organic essential oils are derived from plants that have been grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides.  Many health experts believe organic agriculture yields oils that are more therapeutically active than their non-organic counterparts (more on those benefits below) and, as mentioned above, the less chemicals in our products, the better it is for our health.

I love my beard, I respect my beard, I harness my beard’s awesomeness. I couldn’t find a range of 100% organic and vegan beard care products and I didn’t want to compromise.  Why would I want to inhibit it’s awesomeness with inferior products?  I don’t, hence D + T Organic Beard Care was crafted.