Hair Gear

Getting the best gear for your do is imperative in achieving the right style. Pending on your hair type and the feel and style you are looking to achieve, we are sure we have the right gear for you!

Please keep in mind that the entire range at D+T is 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan and crafted by hand. If you are used to a particular petro-chmeical filled product, the range at D+T will be slightly different to theres.  Check out the range at our shop >> and more info below.

Organic Hair Care

D + T Hair Care range varies from balm to waxes to pomades and clays. They are all 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan and certified Cruelty Free. So no testing animals, just good ol’ Aussie Beardman.

Hair Balm


Our Hair Balm, is probably the softest of holds out of the entire range. The wax content is less, giving a softer holder but does enough to keep things in place. Generally speaking it has a higher content of oils, so you will notice a higher shine.
Personally speaking, I like using this one. As I like just to keep things in place, without really giving the appearance I have put anything in.
You can actually create a sharper look and hold if you add a little bit of water into your hair after applying the Hair Balm. Use your comb and create that slick look you are after.
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Hair Wax

D+T Hair Wax is a total hit with people wanting a tighter hold (than the Hair Balm) with a touch of shine to it. It is also pretty easy to get out and malleuable to apply to the hair.
Depending on the style that you are after it can be applied to both dry and wet hair. If you are after a higher shine with more hold, it will be best to apply to wet hair. Then use a comb to get the style you are after.
If you are like me and like the more natural look but what to keep things in place. Apply to dry hair and let it do it’s magic.

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Yeah, this is a totally rad product. It is 100% Natural, Organic and Vegan and has the awesomeness that pomades have. It has the high shine with a tight hold so you can get that real slick back and style that you are after.

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Ohh…this is the latest product to launch from the D+T range. This is a friggin’ cool product that give you that grungy style with no shine. It is almost like you stepped out of the surf and give your hair that extra ‘stuff’ volume and lift that you enjoy with having fun.

The Matte Clay uses bentonite clay which is an amazing product in itself. Mixed with other natural ingredients and organic essential oils this product is totally awesome.
For first time users of natural hair gear, you may find it a little different to conventional products. You may find it to be a little more ‘grainy’ than conventional matte clays. But totally rad to whip through your hair.

Out of the entire range, this is my fav. I love ripping it in and feeling like I have just had some fun in the surf.

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