Please take care with our cool products. As they are all 100% natural and organic you do have to be careful on how you handle and store them. Here are a few tips to make sure they last.
– Keep out of direct sunlight.
– Store below 30 degrees celsius.
– Keep in a cool dry place (moisture is no good for the products).

At D+T we do not use any chemicals or synthetics, they are totally natural and organic. Due to this, you do have to be careful in looking after the gear. If you take the right steps, they will be awesome.

Please keep in mind that we can not control how Australia Post will deliver the products. If they are left in the sun in your mailbox, it could affect the product (especially if you live in a hot climate).

Again, as we are producing a personal care product, you are completely aware of exactly what you are purchasing so we don’t replace items. In certain circumstances we will look at replacing.
It is best to contact if you have any problems. He is the big Boss and he will look after you.

Ohh..this can be a tough one, as we are all different with a lot of different ways we want to style our hair. Though, in saying that we can give you a general guide that may help.

Hair Balm – This product is the softest hold out of the entire D+T range. It will give you that softer hold, without it looking like you have too much product in your hair. It will help keep the fly-aways in check and there will be a little bit of a shine to it.
Hair Wax – This product has a nice hold without being too shiny. It will totally keep the fly-aways in check, and allow a little more grip to get that style you are after. It has an element of shine, but not too much.
POMADE – This is a really cool product. It maybe a little different to the other pomades out there on the market, as they are filled with petro-chemicals and nasties that actually cause cancer. Our Trudi POMADE is 100% Organic, Vegan, Natural and awesome. It will give you a tighter hold with a high shine.
MATTE CLAY – This is the latest product to launch from the D+T range. This is a friggin’ cool product that give you that grungy style with no shine. It is almost like you stepped out of the surf and give your hair that extra ‘stuff’ volume and lift that you enjoy with having fun.The Matte Clay uses bentonite clay which is an amazing product in itself. Mixed with other natural ingredients and organic essential oils this product is totally awesome.
For first time users of natural hair gear, you may find it a little different to conventional products. You may find it to be a little more ‘grainy’ than conventional matte clays. But totally rad to whip through your hair.

We do our very best to ship the products out as soon as possible. Generally speaking that is within the day of order or the next day. This all depends on the volume of orders we receive. Generally speaking over Christmas it can take one or two days longer, but we do our outmost to make everyone happy.

We can assure you, that we do everything in our power to ensure your package arrives safely. All glass containers will be wrapped with bubble wrap. All products are placed in a box with tissue paper/foam pieces or bubble wrap to ensure it is safe. The box has a lid, and is closed with your receipt.
We then wrap the box with paper, and use craft sticking tape to secure the paper. We then double the sticking tape to ensure the paper does not rip.

We are sorry to say that there is nothing that we can do about it. If your product is damaged or lost in the shipping process we will not refund your money nor will we replace your order.
We use Australia Post to ship all of our products. In all of our time we have never had an item go missing or damaged. Though in saying that, anything can happen as once we deliver the package it is out of our control. We can not guarantee what a third party does.

We can assure you though, that we do everything in our power to ensure your package arrives safely. All glass containers will be wrapped with bubble wrap. All products are placed in a box with tissue paper/foam pieces or bubble wrap to ensure it is safe. The box has a lid, and is closed with your receipt.
We then wrap the box with paper, and use craft sticking tape to secure the paper. We then double the sticking tape to ensure the paper does not rip.

Please note, that we do not hand make the apparel. They are made by a manufacturer. All the material and information is provided by the manufacturer.
It is important to read the descriptions as colours may seem different depending on your computer/phone/tablet screen or resolution/brightness.

We do not offer refunds on apparel. So please make sure you have picked the right sizing. If you do pick a size that is not correct. Please let us know and we will discuss returning the item (at your cost).

Please note that colours may fade. Especially the first few washes. As they have come to us directly by the manufacturer. We have not washed them initially. So please do wash separately a few times to ensure none of your other items of clothing are damaged.
To ensure longevity of the apparel it is advised you wash delicately.

Please ensure that you keep these products out of direct sunlight, and out of a hot car. The balms and waxes are of course a wax and they will melt people. But fear not, if you do find that your precious tin of Love is a little liquid than usual, just place in the fridge and she will be as good as new.
We have tested and tested these products, out of direct sunlight in a room they will be able to hold up to 30 degrees Celsius, no problems. Though if you leave them in your car, and it is about 25 degrees Celsius outside, the heat from the car will be too much for these babies.

Yep, excellent question. It is hard to answer this, it sort of like the question, how long is a piece of string?
All I can tell you is my experience, and perhaps that will guide you in making your choice.

D+T Organic Beard Care was created due to the fact that I have super sensitive skin. Put a razor on it, and it freaks out. As soon as it gets a bit hotter and my skin gets super dry.
In my time I have tried EVERYTHING! I don’t say this lightly, because I honestly have tried it all to help my skin. To this I can honestly say that we have created is friggin AWESOME! It has helped my skin in every way and assisted in cultivating my beard.

When I first started growing my beard my skin would get super itchy and irritated. I found the only relief came from massaging our Oil Blends on the skin. I only needed a little once a day, but it got me through.
After this period I started to get a fuller growth on my face. And today, I still use the oils to get in under the hair and provide comfort to my skin.
So generally I will use the Original Blend first, give it a good massage it through my beard and get it on the skin. After this I will use the Beard Balm, and sculpt it. This helps to pull in the rogue hairs and define a better beard.

In saying all this, I haven’t used the STYLE WAX to often. But when we were blending it, I was using it on my Mo and it was great. It really sculpted it and brought it together.

Generally speaking if your beard is longer than 4 inches I would certainly be using the Beard Balm, and perhaps the STYLE WAX!

As you know shipping can vary, especially over holiday periods such as Christmas and Valentines Day. D+T uses Australia Post, over all the years we have never had a problem with them and always get the packaged to the address (so please make sure you provide the correct address).
STANDARD POST: This can take between 5-7 working days, perhaps a little longer if you live in regional Australia.
EXPRESS POST: Only valid for Australian customers, and they tend to say between 1-3 working days. Again, if you live in regional Australia, it may take a little longer.
INTERNATIONAL: We use standard air mail, and they say it takes up to 10 working days. We do deliver to most countries, if you are having difficulty in getting it shipped to where you are. Please contact and we will look into it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Once it leaves D+T’s hands it is no longer our responsibility. As we use a third party company like Australia Post we can not 100% guarantee the item will get to you. Though, in saying that we have never had a problem using Australia Post in all of our years.

Due to the nature of the products that we bring you, that is personal care and grooming products. We do not offer money returns or exchange in products.
Though in saying that, if you received an incorrect order or something is wrong with your product then please do contact
We will answer questions you may have.

We try and keep all our costs down as much as possible to ensure we pass this on to you. Though at the end of the day, we believe in your beard, we believe in nourishing it and we believe in honest, true work.
Hence the price structure of our products.
We only use organic ingredients (the only in the world), everything is natural, there are no chemicals or petrols used (which is used a lot in mens products). There is no testing on animals, and everything is 100% vegan.
We pay careful attention to our packaging, and even our labels will last as they are oil and water proof.

No stone has been left unturned to ensure you get the best product available.

Okie dokie, our MO Wax is simply that, it is used to help style your mo. It is very much a concentrated form of the Beard Balm with a lot less oil.
You only need to use a little, as it will go along way. Once you get it out (we recommend using the back of your thumb [the nail]), rub it between your hands and apply it evenly throughout your beast!

It is a little different when applying the Beard Balm, compared to the Beard Oils. Even though the Beard Balm, has great oils for your skin and awesome essential oils in essence it is used more for sculpting.
Generally speaking I like to start it from the sides and bring it together as I work my hands down the beard.
I like to get in between the hairs and work it through then sculpt behind it.
From there, I like to put a bit in my mo and work it down.

Honestly, it all depends on the look you are after. At the moment, I am working on a new look so I am sculpting my beard to go in that direction.

Pour a little in your hand or if you like you can add it to your beard brush or comb. You will want to start at the bottom of the beard, and work your way up the next to the face.

Really get in behind the hair and message the skin. Then start from the top and work your way back down to the neck.
Then Shape accordingly.

The whole process in bringing you the most AWESOME product has ben a lengthy one. We spent months researching the right bottle and sourcing it, as well as getting the right labels. Our labels are 100% water and oil proof. The only product in Australia that can say that!

When we blend the Oils, it takes a lot of time in getting the process right. Knowing what base oils to use to ensure maximum enrichment for your hair and skin is of the ut-most importance to us.
From them, getting the blend of essential oils correct is HUGE! one slip up or one wrong measurement and the scent is completely destroyed. Finding this balance has been a massive task and carefully thought out.

When blending the Beard Balm and STLYE WAX, well this was up there with the longest process ever! Because our product is 100% Vegan, we use no product derived from an animal. When it comes to waxes, every says bees wax. Because we don’t use it, we had to spend enormous research into the right wax for your skin as well as finding one that is Organic.
From there, getting the blend right so that it didn’t collapse in your hand or break a finger was another massive task.
Getting all this right takes a massive amount of time, and blending each one by hand takes even more time.

But that is the beauty of our amazing range. It is all handcrafted and blending by an Aussie Beardman!

D+T Organic Beard Oil acts primarily as a type of conditioner for your face and the hair. The base oils that we use help to rejuvenate your facial hair and at the same time prevent dry skin which can lead to the dreaded ‘Beard-Druff’.
Beard Waxes are used to to sculpt and tame a wild beard.  Sort of like how hair gel helps style your hair, beard wax helps style your beard so that hairs don’t fly in different directions.  The less you looks like your live in a subway tunnel, the better.