Yep, excellent question. It is hard to answer this, it sort of like the question, how long is a piece of string?
All I can tell you is my experience, and perhaps that will guide you in making your choice.

D+T Organic Beard Care was created due to the fact that I have super sensitive skin. Put a razor on it, and it freaks out. As soon as it gets a bit hotter and my skin gets super dry.
In my time I have tried EVERYTHING! I don’t say this lightly, because I honestly have tried it all to help my skin. To this I can honestly say that we have created is friggin AWESOME! It has helped my skin in every way and assisted in cultivating my beard.

When I first started growing my beard my skin would get super itchy and irritated. I found the only relief came from massaging our Oil Blends on the skin. I only needed a little once a day, but it got me through.
After this period I started to get a fuller growth on my face. And today, I still use the oils to get in under the hair and provide comfort to my skin.
So generally I will use the Original Blend first, give it a good massage it through my beard and get it on the skin. After this I will use the Beard Balm, and sculpt it. This helps to pull in the rogue hairs and define a better beard.

In saying all this, I haven’t used the STYLE WAX to often. But when we were blending it, I was using it on my Mo and it was great. It really sculpted it and brought it together.

Generally speaking if your beard is longer than 4 inches I would certainly be using the Beard Balm, and perhaps the STYLE WAX!