Ohh..this can be a tough one, as we are all different with a lot of different ways we want to style our hair. Though, in saying that we can give you a general guide that may help.

Hair Balm – This product is the softest hold out of the entire D+T range. It will give you that softer hold, without it looking like you have too much product in your hair. It will help keep the fly-aways in check and there will be a little bit of a shine to it.
Hair Wax – This product has a nice hold without being too shiny. It will totally keep the fly-aways in check, and allow a little more grip to get that style you are after. It has an element of shine, but not too much.
POMADE – This is a really cool product. It maybe a little different to the other pomades out there on the market, as they are filled with petro-chemicals and nasties that actually cause cancer. Our Trudi POMADE is 100% Organic, Vegan, Natural and awesome. It will give you a tighter hold with a high shine.
MATTE CLAY – This is the latest product to launch from the D+T range. This is a friggin’ cool product that give you that grungy style with no shine. It is almost like you stepped out of the surf and give your hair that extra ‘stuff’ volume and lift that you enjoy with having fun.The Matte Clay uses bentonite clay which is an amazing product in itself. Mixed with other natural ingredients and organic essential oils this product is totally awesome.
For first time users of natural hair gear, you may find it a little different to conventional products. You may find it to be a little more ‘grainy’ than conventional matte clays. But totally rad to whip through your hair.