The whole process in bringing you the most AWESOME product has ben a lengthy one. We spent months researching the right bottle and sourcing it, as well as getting the right labels. Our labels are 100% water and oil proof. The only product in Australia that can say that!

When we blend the Oils, it takes a lot of time in getting the process right. Knowing what base oils to use to ensure maximum enrichment for your hair and skin is of the ut-most importance to us.
From them, getting the blend of essential oils correct is HUGE! one slip up or one wrong measurement and the scent is completely destroyed. Finding this balance has been a massive task and carefully thought out.

When blending the Beard Balm and STLYE WAX, well this was up there with the longest process ever! Because our product is 100% Vegan, we use no product derived from an animal. When it comes to waxes, every says bees wax. Because we don’t use it, we had to spend enormous research into the right wax for your skin as well as finding one that is Organic.
From there, getting the blend right so that it didn’t collapse in your hand or break a finger was another massive task.
Getting all this right takes a massive amount of time, and blending each one by hand takes even more time.

But that is the beauty of our amazing range. It is all handcrafted and blending by an Aussie Beardman!