organic beard and hair care

Maintaining and cultivating a strong girth essentially requires you to look after it. Personally I have seen too many good strong men fall to the perils of shaving due to the lack of care and attention they pay to what we like to call our ‘third best friend’.

D + T Organic Beard Oil, D + T Organic Beard Balm and ordinary waxes are the way to go. I can see you there stroking your beard thinking, “well I wonder which is best for me.”  All products have their benefits, and their draw backs, and all are valid for certain periods of life in your Man-Hood.  So let us break it down for you.

Beard Oil

D + T Organic Beard Oil acts primarily as a type of conditioner for your face and the hair. The base oils that we use help to rejuvenate your facial hair and, at the same time, prevent dry skin which can lead to the dreaded ‘Beard-Druff.’

You might thinking to yourself that there is no way that can happen.  Well sir, we can assure you it can. We know because we have gone through it all, and spent numerous hours in research and testing to ensure what we deliver will cultivate and enhance your beard and skin. To see the benefits of all the oils we use cruise to our oils-aint-oils page.

All of our ingredients not only work to moisturise and soothe the beard and skin, but we also only use organic ingredients to ensure you are not putting any nasty chemicals on your prized possession.

Say goodbye to the scratchy sandpaper feel of a young beard by applying a few drops of beard oil.  If you’re sporting a longer beard, D + T beard oil will say goodbye to the scraggly dryness a beard turns into after you wash it and have consequently removed all of its natural oils.

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MO Wax

If the D + T Organic Beard Oil blends are cultivated for your skin and hair, then on the side of the ledger is the beard or mo’ wax. These waxes are used to sculpt and tame a wild beard.  Sort of like how hair gel helps style your hair, beard wax helps style your beard so that hairs don’t fly in different directions.  The less you look like your living in a subway tunnel, the better.

Wax is very helpful in maintaining rugged whiskers and adds fullness to the beard, so you can sculpt it any way you want it and it will stay that way.

Beard Balm

If there was ever a more glorious union, we would have to say that the D + T Organic Beard Balm is it.  It brings together the benefits of both the Beard Oil and Beard Wax to create an experience never felt before.

It has all the essential oils of beard oil that condition and revive your beard into a beautiful and healthy part of your face but also provides the styling hold of beard wax.

For us, we believe that our D + T Organic Beard Balm covers both very well. It helps tame the dreaded fly aways, and also provides the unique experience of softening the skin under the hair.

It’s absolutely great for beards shorter than 4 inches but longer beards will need actual beard wax to maintain a strong hold.

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