About D + T


D + T is Davey and Trudi. A man is nothing without his best friend, and my little staffy is the best of best friends.  That loyalty and awesomeness is what we’re all about.  And she has a pretty wicked beard herself.

Organic Beard Care

If dog is man’s best friend, then beard must come in a close second.

D + T Organic Beard Care exemplifies the trust, respect and loyalty you demand. We pour our heart and soul into every product that we hand craft. We want to make D + T your third best friend!


It all started years ago, when I started cultivating and sculpting a full girth on my face. Over time there were lapses in strength when I gave in to societal pressures and shaved.

But we all go through lessons in life to make us stronger and I have learned that the only path to true satisfaction is through a good beard.

Organic Beard Care


The satisfaction you get when you get stopped by strangers in the street commenting on how great your beard looks, gives an amazing sense of pride. I would love to say to you that great looking beards happen by themselves. However, the brand of D+T relies on integrity and honesty, so I can’t say that.

A great beard needs attention. In my early years I searched for superior alternatives to alleviate the dreaded ‘beard-druff’ and ensure the hair follicles were nourished. To my belief, there was very little on the market. As you may have noticed today, the trend has changed and there are a number of beard oils out there.


Simple, tried and tested blends that help nourish the skin and promote full hardy girths. We are the only brand the use 100% Organic Vegan ingredients in every product. We are also certified Cruelty Free.
Not only is all this awesome, but we only support local business and craft entire D+T range here in the land of Aus.

We not only care about what we put on our skin, we care about the world, and all the kids that kick it!