organic beard and hair care 

D+T is beautifully handcrafted in Noosa on the amazing Sunshine Coast. For the past 6 years, our Lead Cultivator David Rafter has blended thousands upon thousands of organic beard and hair care products.
It is so cool to see so many people using our super rad gear. D+T’s range includes beard balms, hair wax, pomades, clays and glorious beard oils.

For David, blending is a real passion. Every time he steps over the double boilers, he pours all of his Love and Compassion into each and every product. He spent years fine tuning the entire range. Ensuring that each and every product will be adored by everyone that uses the entire D+T range.

However, it is not just about the products at D+T. The ethos goes far beyond that of delivering handcrafted beard and hair care products.
it is about protecting our beautiful planet that we call home. We are so blessed to be here on this unique planet. It is our gift to leave this place better than when we came here. All of us here at D+T feel it is our duty to tread as lightly as possible.

At D+T, we only support local businesses, so that our footprint is as light as possible. We only use containers that can be recycled; to ensure we are not contributing to the excess waste. 


All the material wealth and money in the world are illusions that bind us to the notion that we always have to strive and succeed to be better than the person next to us.
Taking a moment and realising that we are ephemeral will grant us the ability to see that we are all here to help and protect. To tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet, and leave Mother Earth better than when we came here.

David Rafter

Lead Cultivator , D+T

organic beard and hair care

So, as you can see it is so important to us to ensure that our ethos runs right through D+T. Of course, over the years David has investigated getting everything made in China and shipped into us. Believe us, it would reduce our costs significantly and enable us to sell more and make more money.
In the end David realised, D+T has never been about the money. It has been about creating a super cool business, creating rad products that people Love whilst treading as lightly as possible on our beautiful home.

We are so proud that everything at D+T is Lovingly handcrafted by David using organic ingredients. We only buy from local Australian businesses, and where possible use ingredients farmed here in Australia too. So when you splash on the beautiful Peace Beard Oil Blend, you can be proud of the fact that the lavender comes from the amazing farms in Tasmania.

In recent times, D+T has removed the very popular Man Shampoo from the range. We were really concerned with use of single plastics, that we can no longer look away from the harms this has on our planet. However, rest assured we are in the mix of working on something even cooler that we hope you will all Love just as much.

Another aspect of the business that we are so proud of, is the fact that we use no plastics when sending out your beautiful orders. If you do recieve some sort of foam, bubble wrap or rubber it has been re-used from businesses that have shipped the ingredients to us.

Thank you all so much for all of your beautiful support and Love that you have shown D+T over the years. Without all of you, we would not be able to bring you all the cool products. We are so appreciative and grateful to have such amazing people in our lives. Thank you all again, be safe, be cool and God Bless.

David Rafter

Lead Cultivator, D+T