organic beard and hair care

At D+T, we handcraft all our beard and hair care
products in small batches.
We Love our planet as much as we Love our beards, so everything at D+T is 100% organic, natural, vegan and certified cruelty free.
We only support local business so you can be assured everything is 100% Australian.

Organic Beard Gear

Check out the amazing range of organic, natural and vegan beard products.


When you spend over $60, you get free shipping…YAY!! (Just for Australia, sorry international legends).

Organic Hair Gear

Check out the amazing range of organic, natural and vegan hair products.

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D+T and David Rafter

organic beard and hair care

The greatest gift we can give is to tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet, and leave Mother Earth better than when we came here.

David Rafter

Lead Cultivator, D+T

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Who We Are

Want to know more about who we are and what we stand for?
Just click on the link below and enjoy a magical journey of D+T and how we came to producing the coolest range in the world.

Words From Our Friends

Since D+T’s inception back in 2014, we have been so blessed to have reached beautiful people from all over the world. Not just the thousands of friends in our homeland of Australia; but thousands of new friends in over 20 countries.
We have featured just some of the cool notes we have recieved from our friends below.


I have tried all the blends, and I must say, the Peace Blend is the BEST! It puts in a complete relaxed state, and makes my beard feel super soft. Plus my girlie likes it too which is a huge bonus. 10/10


First time I have ever seen Vegan Beard Balm. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been searching for ages, and finally you guys delivered. You have changed my life.


Awesome product guys…thanks HEAPS! I really notice using your organic range compared to the other products out there. 10/10!!

Our Specialties

What sets D+T apart….well, everything! Our Lead Cultivator David Rafter handcrafts each individual product using the highest grade organic ingredients. We source as much as we can locally, and we only support local businesses.
Our entire range is 100% vegan, organic, natural and we are certified cruelty free. Not only do we care about our planet, we care about what you use every day to make you look awesome!

organic beard and hair care